5 Essential Money Moves For Generation X

5 Essential Money Moves For Generation X

I re-read the article below and was struck again by the authors ability to provide real and solid advise on how to strike balance between the debts and obligations of generation x and preparing for the future, namely retirement. The “sandwich generation” will be well served by taking many of the authors points to heart. My favorite and the first one she makes is:

Pay yourself first by skimming retirement savings off the top of your paycheck before whipping out the shopping list.

As an advisor, I talk with many people, especially women, who have given their all to their kids and families and now that they are in their 50’s, have no nest egg and are afraid of this new chapter  in their life and feel retirement is going to be very unpleasant. The stress that comes from the pain of this realization can be overwhelming. The good thing according to the author, and I concur, is that for many of us  there is still time. However, the time to start putting your house in order, becoming creative and making some tough decisions is now.
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