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Lessons in Greater Detail

Let’s look at stocks, equities or company ownership in more detail. Companies raise capital to grow their companies in several ways. Selling stocks in their company or allowing their company to be sold off into shares, is one way. We know why this happens, but how does it happen? When a company decides to raise capital for the company, the Board of Directors meet and will “authorize” how many shares will ever be “distributed” (sold or given away) for ownership. [...]


Benchmarking and Why It’s Important

I am so glad Christopher Carosa wrote the article I’ve attached below called: “Low fees bring these fiduciary Risks-Carosa”. As an advisor to plan sponsors and fiduciaries of employer sponsored retirement plans, I regularly benchmark retirement plans (take them out to bid to compare pricing). Benchmarking is important because it lets plan sponsors/fiduciaries know where their plan sits in pricing and service with other plans that are similar to their own. It’s one way a plan sponsor can be assured [...]