Benchmarking and Why It’s Important

I am so glad Christopher Carosa wrote the article I’ve attached below called: “Low fees bring these fiduciary Risks-Carosa”. As an advisor to plan sponsors and fiduciaries of employer sponsored retirement plans, I regularly benchmark retirement plans (take them out to bid to compare pricing). Benchmarking is important because it lets plan sponsors/fiduciaries know where their plan sits in pricing and service with other plans that are similar to their own. It’s one way a plan sponsor can be assured [...]


How Generation X Can Overcome Being the Financially Neglected Middle Child

I really like the attached article. Many of the people I meet in my practice are struggling to plan for retirement and feel their situation is hopeless. The quote the author makes gives hope with the admonition of start now: You still have time to get your retirement game on, putting away as much as you can to catch up over the next few decades. The article suggests and list many of the places a person can go to get help to [...]


5 Essential Money Moves For Generation X

I re-read the article below and was struck again by the authors ability to provide real and solid advise on how to strike balance between the debts and obligations of generation x and preparing for the future, namely retirement. The “sandwich generation” will be well served by taking many of the authors points to heart. My favorite and the first one she makes is: Pay yourself first by skimming retirement savings off the top of your paycheck before whipping out [...]

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